Generate History!
Everyone introduces their character by name, look, outlook, and some basic history. Then we go through the magical process of deciding how all these loons and madmen know each other! Each player takes a turn, and chooses one, two, or three of the following options:

  • You’ve fought with one of them, shoulder to shoulder. Tell him Hx+2.
  • One of them saved your life or got you out of some serious shit. Tell her Hx+3.
  • One of them did you a small favor at a critical time. Tell him Hx+1.
  • You grew up with one of them. Family ties, yo. Tell her Hx+1.
  • You once got drunk and spilled out secrets to one of them. Tell him Hx+1.
  • One of them is like a mother/father/other parent to you. Tell her Hx+2.
  • You’re pretty sure one of them’s in love with you. If you return their affections, Hx+2. If it’s just not going to work out, Hx-1.
  • You’ve stolen from one of them, blatantly and often. Tell him Hx-1.
  • You figure one of them is doomed to self-destruction. Tell her Hx-1.
  • One of them left you to bleed or suffer when they could’ve helped. Tell her Hx-2.
  • One of them killed a friend, relation, or close confidante. Tell him Hx-2.

After you’ve gone around the table and generated History, each character can then choose 0, 1, or 2 of the following options:

  • You trust one of them the least. Ignore whatever number they told you, and write Hx+3 instead.
  • You think one of them is the smartest. Add +1 to whatever Hx they gave you.
  • You’ve been keeping your eye on one of them for some time. Add +1 to whatever Hx they gave you.
  • You don’t have time for their nonsense. Ignore whatever number they told you, and write Hx-1 instead.


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