Catina Valisti



(quick scratchy notes)
(str+2 dex+2 int+0 cha+2 mag-2)
- Break and Enter
(some sort of spear for spear-fighting hooliganry.)
(still an ideal. delicate. lady.)

Adassa thinks I’m doomed to self destruction. Its definitely because she’s in love with me. +0
Lukosh and I got drunk and spilled secrets at each other! +2
Kate treats me like a sibling even though I steal from her, blatantly and often. +1
I have my eye on Saarath. +3
I don’t have time for Sebastien’s nonsense. -1

XP xoooo


Catina was born in Antiva in the winter of 9:34 Dragon, deep in the lap of luxury, as a daughter of Valisti, in the auspicious year that her dear father, one Claudio Valisti took over leadership of his house and began steering the Valisti name back to one feared and respected amongst both the Crows and the Merchant Princes.

…contrary to what you may have heard, Catina is an ideal, delicate, submissive, mercurial Antivan lady, certainly not a spear-fighting hooligan with a penchant for breaking, entering, and stealing, and certainly not a heartbeat removed from being Third Talon herself. Ideal. Delicate. Lady. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

Now, about this thing you definitely need stolen!

Catina Valisti

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