Dragon Age: Dinlaselan

The Wandering Halla

The crew of the Wandering Halla arrived, right on schedule; they came with two others not on the manifest, however. A maelstrom centrally located in the Nocen sea south of Seheron was triggered during the Fall, and they along with a Qunari dreadnought fell inside of it.

From what I have gathered, Catina had liberated a crate of goods worthy enough that an entire sodding platoon of Qunari chased her on Adassa’s ship, but the dreadnought ignited as uncontrolled magic was introduced. Sebastian and Kate survived, as well; Lucosh met them on the beach, and I still do not know from where he came. (Tell Dale to investigate that crate.)

They were met by the Direwolves of Andruil; I assume they survived because her lieutenants are imbeciles and she has never stayed to make sure a job was finished in her life. The Elvhen attempted to “register” them for work in Arlathan, to which they resisted and blood was shed. I think I will find them capable, even if I do not know if they are loyal. I am not sure if they can be purchased in a land where money has no worth.

If they prove themselves, perhaps they can assist me in finding Solas and undoing his mess. If not, well… that takes care of itself, does it not?

I must find out why the Warden looks so familiar. And why that farmer is so upsetting.

Tomorrow. We still have that, for now.

Day 1,925, Evening
Ileenim Mountains, in transit.


The first of the Maker’s children watched across the Veil
And grew jealous of the life
They could not feel, could not touch.
In blackest envy were the demons born.

-Erudition 2:1

The Wandering Halla

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