The Evanuris

The Elvhen Pantheon

The Elven Pantheon Project

Modern elves, Dalish or city, know them as gods — but they are not. Ancient, powerful, and immortal to time, yes; but they can be killed, enslaved, and put to sleep like anyone else.

The Evanuris is different than the Forgotten Ones, the opposing “gods” in the time of Arlathan. Historically, Fen’Harel was the only person able to freely walk between the two clans.

Elgar’nan, God of Vengeance

The All-Father. Current leader of the Pantheon, in the wake of Mythal and Fen’Harel’s disappearance.

Mythal, the Great Protector

Absent from the Pantheon, and forbidden to be spoken of except respectfully and affectionately.

Falon’Din, Friend of the Dead

Twin brother to Dirthamen, and the eldest child of Mythal and Elgar’nan.

Dirthamen, Keeper of Secrets

Twin to Falon’Din. Rumored to be acting as an assassin of Andruil’s slaves.

Andruil, Goddess of the Hunt

Known as the Blood and Force. Volatile, violent, hedonist.

Sylaise, the Hearthkeeper

Sister of Andruil, goddess of domestic tasks. Seemingly the most benevolent of the pantheon in Mythal’s absence.

June, God of the Craft

Produces Andruil’s weaponry and arms the Pantheon. Brother to Andruil and Sylaise.

Ghilan’nain, Mother of Halla

Openly in revolt of the reenslavement of the modern elves. She vanished into the woods after the Veil was ripped apart, and is rumored to have kidnapped the Inquisitor.

Fen’Harel, the Dread Wolf

Trickster and Betrayer, an elf named Solas and consort of the Inquisitor. Held in captivity.

The Evanuris

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