Stat Generation

All characters have six stats:


*Mages: +Magic
*Templars: +Might
*Seekers: +Faith
*Grey Wardens: +Blight
*Blood Mages: +Blood

*Everyone Else: -2 Magic (This acts as a dump stat and refunds points accordingly)

Please note the Other stat is functionally the same for everyone — the differences denote flavor and experience with magical abilities before the Veil was removed. It is essentially all Magic for purposes of the world integrating with the Fade.

Check the Basic Moves, Battle Moves, and Personal Moves lists to see precisely what abilities correspond to each stat.

Stats range from -2 to +3, with an average stat being 0. A score of +1 or higher represents noticeably above-average abilities.

Stats are determined through a simple point-buy system, as follows:

You have 6 points to distribute at your discretion.
All stats begin at +0.
A stat of +1 costs 1 point
A stat of +2 costs 3 points
A stat of +3 costs 6 points
A stat of -1 gives you 1 extra point
A stat of -2 gives you 3 extra points.

Stat Generation

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