Dragon Age: Dinlaselan

The Wandering Halla

The crew of the Wandering Halla arrived, right on schedule; they came with two others not on the manifest, however. A maelstrom centrally located in the Nocen sea south of Seheron was triggered during the Fall, and they along with a Qunari dreadnought fell inside of it.

From what I have gathered, Catina had liberated a crate of goods worthy enough that an entire sodding platoon of Qunari chased her on Adassa’s ship, but the dreadnought ignited as uncontrolled magic was introduced. Sebastian and Kate survived, as well; Lucosh met them on the beach, and I still do not know from where he came. (Tell Dale to investigate that crate.)

They were met by the Direwolves of Andruil; I assume they survived because her lieutenants are imbeciles and she has never stayed to make sure a job was finished in her life. The Elvhen attempted to “register” them for work in Arlathan, to which they resisted and blood was shed. I think I will find them capable, even if I do not know if they are loyal. I am not sure if they can be purchased in a land where money has no worth.

If they prove themselves, perhaps they can assist me in finding Solas and undoing his mess. If not, well… that takes care of itself, does it not?

I must find out why the Warden looks so familiar. And why that farmer is so upsetting.

Tomorrow. We still have that, for now.

Day 1,925, Evening
Ileenim Mountains, in transit.

I swear, I'm usually good at this.
On the plus side, a slave costume is dirt cheap.

Wherein our heroes complete their first mission for Morrigan, leader of the rebellion: free the slaves in a supply outpost at a set of coordinates. No other instructions.

Along the way, Lucosh, a simple farmer of bananas in cold climate maybe with or without a greenhouse what do you think would actually make them grow, communed and spoke with the forest, a vast network of trees that has significant difficulty communicating with short lived fleshy things. The forest provides them with a dead hare via a doe messenger, which is obviously not creepy. But hey: food is food.

When they arrive, the outpost is tucked against a cliff face on one side with a wall built on the other towards the forest, with two guarded gates on either side. Catina is fairly certain a distraction is necessary, so she flits round the trees shouting butts and other profanities until many of the slaves run off to fetch her.

Then Kate, in true Warden fashion, charges in and begins murdering guards.

Ain’t no one got time to negotiate.

The battle, uh, does not go as planned.

With 22 total failed rolls not counting those removed by boosted, the group ends up largely unconscious and wounded after slipping and falling in the blood of their enemies they themselves had just spilled. They lose their weapons. A lot.

Catina get another boyfriend named Kronk. He approves of her theme music.

Kate cuts a total of two guards completely in half and loses her sword in a third.

Adassa bleeds out a total of three.

Sebastian gets four separate concussions.

Lucosh, meanwhile, transports into what used to be the nether and now appears to be a vision of Red Lyrium. Dozens of bodies growing into the marble floors surround an emaciated bald elf, so worn and drained he is unresponsive even with his eyes open.

When he comes to, he realizes one of the elves there has painted Vallaslin instead of magical. She is pretending to be a slave for an unknown purpose. He convinces the guards to investigate her, she takes Lucosh hostage, you know how it goes.

In the end, the party murders the guards and slave holders while they are held in a time stasis at the hands of this mysterious elf who will not give her name. She says they can go, and have provided her an excuse to be able to leave.

They gather the roughly 150 slaves and make an exodus to the rendezvous. Adassa, deeply uncomfortable at being called Master, finally settles on Captain.

The trees inform Lucosh that there be dragons ahead. Big ones. That like to eat.

After scouting, it’s determined there are two: one in the forest, and one in the road fighting an army of elves with silver banners with a silver moon on them. This heraldry is unknown to the group.

Catina knows that dragons are often hunted because essentially every part of them is valuable in trade, and worth more because of how dangerous the game is.

The group marches around the dragons, but is confronted with the male while his mate flies overhead. He appears extremely angered at the use of the elven tongue, and does not speak any spoken language that the group knows of. He can, however, communicate through minds. Kate offers hers, and the dragon sees her destroying warped and tortured dragons during the Blight. Appreciative of her, he sets them free and even eats any patrols they come across.

Morrigan is not at the rendezvous when they arrive, but a note has been left. “There are always demons to be slain.” And coordinates.

The freed slaves are taken in at the mobile refugee camp, to begin the slow and painful process of severing their Vallaslin to Elgar’nan.

And from here, the group decides.


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