Kate Bryson

"In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice."



Maker, my enemies are abundant.
Many are those who rise up against me.
But my faith sustains me; I shall not fear the legion,
Should they set themselves against me.
-Trials 1:1


Strength: +2
Dexterity: 0
Intelligence: +1
Charisma: +1
Blight: +1


Adassa: +2
Saarath: 0
Sebastian: +1
Catina: -1
Lucosh: +1




Not To Be Fucked With

In battle, you count as a small gang with harm and armor according to your gear.


When you put your hands skin-to-skin on a magical person and open your brain to them, roll+Blight. On a 10+, you halt their magic for a time. On a 7-9, you halt their magic, but you’re also exposing your own magic to the world. Roll to Hold Steady.

On a miss: You’ve opened both your brain and theirs to the world’s psychic maelstrom, without protection or preparation. For you, and for your patient if your patient’s a fellow player’s character, treat it as though you’ve made the Hold Steady move and failed the roll. For magic users belonging to the MC, their experience and fate are up to the MC.



Born in Highever in 9:12 Dragon, she was a young warrior when the Fifth Blight began. She fought in Denerim when The Warden brought down the Archdemon. In 9:33 Dragon, she was recruited into the Grey Wardens and has been researching Darkspawn and The Blight since then.


Kate Bryson

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